Thief steals from Southern Pines Animal Shelter’s thrift store

Thief steals from Southern Pines Animal Shelter’s thrift store
Second Chance Thrift Shop surveillance video showed what unfolded early Tuesday morning. (Source: Southern Pines Animal Shelter)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg needs your help after a thief broke into its thrift shop.

“The person came in the back door. They were able to get the bottom pushed up and were able to come right in,” Second Chance Thrift Shop Store Manager Rebecca Brown said.

Second Chance Thrift Shop surveillance video showed what unfolded early Tuesday morning.

“Then the person came into our office area where the person took the assistant manager’s laptop. The person turned here and got my laptop and charger,” Brown said.

The suspect didn't stop there.

“After that the person made their way into the thrift shop, they crawled around on the floor and got to our display case where most of all of our valuables were taken,” Brown said.

“It’s obviously troubling and it’s hurtful because we know where those dollars go,” Southern Pines Animal Shelter executive director Ginny Sims said.

Sims said more than $2,000 was lost.

“Our thrift shop’s mission is to help support the life saving efforts of Southern Pines Animal Shelter," Sims said. "Every dollar that’s earned there or every donation that somebody makes for items for us to sale in the thrift shop go to support life saving efforts. So, it was just really tough to see those things disappear and to see someone take that away from the lives they were meant to help.”

Sims said they will continue to move forward.

“It’s hurtful to see it happen and discouraging, but we also know the community we live in, the call our community answers everyday with the support they give us," Sims said. "So, we are thankful we just get to go on and try and recover from this and continue to move on and save more lives than ever.”

If you have any information that can help police in this investigation you are asked to call the Hattiesburg Police Department.

Thrift Shop Break-In Security Footage

The Southern Pines Second Chance Thrift Shop opened 7 years ago with the purpose of raising funds to support the work and mission of Southern Pines Animal Shelter. During that time, our community has constantly donated and shopped and helped us to raise lifesaving funds for pets in need. Our organization depends on our thrift shop to make so much possible. Unfortunately yesterday, Feb. 19th, someone decided that our thrift shop was theirs to take from. Our security camera footage shows a female wearing a white hazmat-type suit forcibly entering our shop. She was also wearing eyeglasses and a scarf around her neck. A pickup with a dark camper top over the bed or a suburban/SUV left the scene a few minutes after the break in. Among the stolen items were our 2 office laptops, which we desperately need to find or replace. Other stolen items include electronics, jewelry, crystal collectibles, and a Leap Pad and case. In addition to the store laptops that were taken, we estimate that over $2,000 in merchandise was stolen--the sale of which could’ve helped pets in need find their forever homes. Any information leading to the recovery of these items or an arrest is greatly appreciated. If you have any information, please contact the Hattiesburg Police Department or email our store manager at . We are so grateful at this time that our staff and volunteers are safe. We love our city and our community, and we are so grateful that tomorrow we will continue our work to raise funds that will help us save more lives than ever before. If you would like to help us to replace either of the computers that were stolen or make a donation to help us continue our efforts to help pets in need, please visit or click to donate below.

Posted by Southern Pines Animal Shelter on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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