Belhaven residents on high alert after series of auto and home burglaries

Belhaven residents on high alert after series of auto and home burglaries

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Belhaven residents are on high alert after a series of car and home break-ins in the past two weeks. Residents say Jackson police are working to increase safety in the historic district and catch the thieves committing these crimes.

“I would say that we went from no crime in the last two months to eight to nine house burglaries in one week, and six and seven vehicles rifled through yesterday,” said Jennifer Welch.

Jennifer Welch owns Belhaven Residential Property Management Company. She manages more than 440 units in the historic district. She says that usually it is a very quiet and safe neighborhood, but lately a group of thieves has been disrupting the peace.

“Yesterday a resident was about to leave his apartment and he actually saw a female in his vehicle, so he screamed at her and she jumped out and ran down the street. So, we believe multiple people are doing this and one other person is a female,” said Welch.

“Things like this don’t normally happen, so this is caught our neighborhood off guard,” said resident Anthony Scarborough.

Scarborough also lives in Belhaven and says it is frustrating to hear about the break-in and thefts.

“To have someone come into our home and violate our home and personal space and take things from us is frustrating.”

Welch agrees and has sent out emails with safety tips to help her residents avoid becoming victims.

“We are just reminding people they should check their window locks, they should lock her doors, if they have a security alarm that they are arming it routinely. Warning people to remove all their valuables from their vehicles,” said Welch.

“Don’t panic just be vigilant, talk to your neighbors,” said Scarborough.

Welch says The Jackson Police Department is also stepping up its efforts to help combat crime in the area.

“We are communicating directly with Chief Davis. We have neighbors who are communicating with the police department. Again, we are very engaged, alert right now."

“And we will do everything we can to prevent this from continuing to occur. We are vigilant,” continued Welch. “This is abnormal. I do not live in a state of fear. We encourage people to mindful and be alert. It is not a time to get hysterical or lack confidence in the neighborhood, Jackson or JPD.”

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