Lincoln Co. family reunites with lost dog that was shipped to Iowa

Lincoln Co. family reunites with lost dog that was shipped to Iowa

Brookhaven, MS (WLBT) - A Lincoln County family is overcome with emotion after being reunited with their dog, Little Pup. The dog was lost, found, and then lost once again after being shipped to Iowa.

Sherry Lowe fought back tears as she reunited with her 11-year-old dog.

“I am so relieved, and it hadn’t sunk in because I just got back into town," said Sherry. “I just want to hold him and hold him and not let him out. He is not going to run free for a while.”

The long-awaited reunion happened in Brookhaven, and Sherry’s family was also there to greet to great him with hugs and kisses.

“I am so excited for him to be home and I am also excited because Mrs. Sherry can stop crying,” said Stephanie Lowe, the owner’s daughter-in-law.

The family had been desperately trying to locate the dog after he went missing three weeks ago, and reached out to WLBT for help.

The Lowes later found out that he was dropped off at the local rescue league, and the person who found him signed an owner-surrender form.

Little Pup was then shipped to Iowa, where a family adopted him. The Iowa family saw our story and were shocked to learn that he had a family in Mississippi.

“He said the news report, when he heard your voice on the news report, he went all over the place looking," said the Sherry. “He said ‘this dog has a family that loves him, and we need to get home. So I know that is what did it.’ And he started calling him Little Pup, and that made a big difference.”

Little Pup's owners say they are happy he is back home.

“It is awesome. People come together for all sorts of things," said Sherry. “From here to New York, people came together and prayed. Even you are coming down here, it was all part of the answered prayers. All of it together brought it back home.”

Lil Pup reunited with Brookhaven family

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