Aggressive Spring allergy season ahead

High pollen levels

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Get your tissues ready because Spring pollen counts are spiking earlier than usual this year. Doctors are urging people to prepare for high levels of pollen.

“Because of this strange winter and all this extra water, these trees are fertilized and are blooming early because it’s warming up,” said Dr. Galien Marshall.

Dr. Marshall is an allergist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and says early February is an unusual time to see such a significant spike in pollen.

“When the rain stops and it starts to warm up even more, boy the pollen is just gonna explode.”

Dr. Marshall says the good news is with early preparation, allergy symptoms can be suppressed.

“If we take our medicines before we get sick they will be more effective. If we wait until we are miserable and we all of a sudden hope it goes away.”

Above all else Dr. Marshall says there is one important thing to remember about spring allergy season, “make sure your know if you’re sensitive or not. If you are, it’s like fire. You don’t need to fear it. You just need to know how to control it.”

So if you struggle with Spring allergies, now is the time to prepare for another aggressive spring allergy season.

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