Consider This: We Can Be Better

Consider This: We Can Be Better

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Sometimes we offer editorials that are critical of things happening in Mississippi.

We talk about crime, decaying roads, bridges and other crumbling infrastructure. We discuss issues with state agencies, like our dysfunctional driver’s license process, transparency issues with closed door decisions, a state flag that divides instead of unites, and other topics that some people choose to avoid or ignore.

We also frequently share positive commentaries about good things happening here. In fact, one of our initiatives is Mississippi Strong, where we spotlight inspiring people and positive happenings, people who are doing great things to make our state better.

There is so much potential, but we must do things differently. Sadly, our state has lost population three of the past four years. We want to be a state where more people are moving in than moving out. Mississippi has made progress, but we have a long, long way to go. And as much as political spinmeisters want to paint a rosy picture that everything is great, all is not well in our state. At WLBT, we believe in a better Mississippi.

However, people still complain that if we really cared about Mississippi, we wouldn’t point out the negatives. I guess we could be like the ostrich with his head in the sand, but we prefer to be like the Eagle that wants the state to soar. We care because we want more for our state. We want to be better. We are not accepting of mediocrity. We are not okay being worst on every list where we should be first. And we know to be better we must acknowledge our faults and then work together to fix them.

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