Last day of the Dixie National Rodeo featured bulls, cowboys and talent

Dixie National Rodeo

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Wednesday was the last day of the Dixie National Rodeo. It’s the largest rodeo east of the Mississippi River, and it seems like it gets bigger every year.

The end of the rodeo means we’ll have to wait a whole year until we see the bulls, the cowboys, and the talent on the stage again.

Speaking with Steve Hutton, executive director of the Mississippi Fair Grounds, this year, the attendance for the rodeo is leaping over last year’s numbers.

“The coolest thing I can report to you, record breaking year. We set a record last year, which we thought was pretty incredible, we shattered it this year. Our attendance has been up. Six of our eight shows over sold last years, Cody Johnson last night was incredible. The most incredible thing about Cody was that everyone stayed till the end," said Hutton.

Season 10 winner of American Idol Scotty McCreery raps up the rodeo and is expected to draw a big crowd.

Steve Hutton says the main group he loves seeing is the 4-H kids, who have stayed loyal to the rodeo with their numbers.

“So I’ve met people from all 82 counties of Mississippi that have come to the Dixie National, they come every year. It’s a very loyal crowd, it’s been a lot of fun,”said Hutton.

Rider Kiesner performs between acts at the rodeo. He does trick roping, and whip cracking. He’s also pretty good with a pistol or two. Kiesner is one of the last performances at this year’s rodeo.

“It’s the last day of the rodeo. Like if you haven’t came, it’s a great show and we got some of the best contestants out here. You have the legend Lecile Harris, four time clown of the year. I’m going to light some stuff on fire, and have a good time, I’m a little mini wild west show out there," said Kiesner.

Steve Hutton says next year they are coming up with ideas to start selling seating on the dirt of the rodeo. They want to add 120 premium seats next to the bulls.

Another way to add more people inside the coliseum for an even bigger rodeo.

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