Surviving Valentine’s Day on a budget

Jewelry, flowers, a night out on the town - it can all add up.

Surviving Valentine’s Day on a budget

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Thursday is Valentine’s Day and the price tag seems to get more expensive every year. Jewelry, flowers, a night out on the town - it can all add up.

A new study reveals that men have higher expectations for Valentine’s Day spending then women. According to, men plan to spend an average of $339 on their spouse or partner.

Women say they plan to spend significantly less, about $64. But what if you can’t spend that much or don’t have that kind of money?

There are ways to show your significant other that you care, while on a budget!

One of my favorite things that I saw online was D-I-Y Valentine’s Day baskets. They’re simple to put together. All your need is: a basket from the grocery store or pharmacy, a little mug (or present of your choice), a Valentine’s Day card, some chocolates, chocolate covered roses, some paper, and shredded paper and plastic.

Layer all those items, one at a time, and you have a nice do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day basket.

Putting this gift together will cost you under $40.

Another thing you can do is to cook for your sweetheart. You could score some big brownie points by preparing a nice, romantic dinner at home.

And to cap off the meal, homemade chocolate covered strawberries. You can easily find instructions and videos online.

These are just a few ideas to make this Valentine’s Day personal and special.

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