Security consultant says Mississippi ranks 2nd in burglaries

Security consultant says Mississippi ranks 2nd in burglaries

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Mississippians are more likely to become victims of burglaries, according to a new study from a national security consultant.

The study was released by, a leading resource for reviewing home security systems, and it says Mississippi ranks second in the nation when it comes to home burglaries.

Their figures, based on FBI crime data, also say that 30 percent of the states break-ins happened in rural areas.

In Rankin County, officials say they’re having success in stopping burglaries before they happen, involving residents and arming them with prevention methods.

They're constantly expanding their neighborhood watch programs, which have effective results.

Some residents are using technology to keep them safe, installing cameras that can be monitored while they're gone.

Captain Barry Vaughn with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department said, “Keep shrubs down from around the house so people don’t have places to hide. I know a lot of these places are rural, but everyone knows their neighbors or what vehicles are supposed to be in that area. Keep an eye out for each other.”

Investigators say that criminals often target rural areas during the daytime when most people are at work and there are fewer neighbors to spy on them.

They say it’s also a good idea to always make it appear like you’re home to avoid burglars, leaving a television, radio or light on.

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