‘We should not only care about Jackson, but do something’; Faith-based organization works to revitalize and mentor

A faith-based organization works to remove blight and help the needy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A religious organization in Jackson is fighting to remove blight and make a positive difference in the lives of people in the community. We Will Go Ministries, in Downtown Jackson, shows everyday why it is Mississippi Strong.

Creating a better community one building at a time - that’s one main goal for We Will Go Ministries.

On Farish and Monument streets, the organization is breathing new life into an old grocery store, tax office and restaurant.

“Our goal is to be able to expand what we are doing ministry-wise as far as the arts, discipleship, mentoring, giving people real jobs," said We Will Go founder Amy Lancaster. “We already give real jobs in what used to be the YMCA Center down the street.”

Lancaster, her husband and three kids moved to Jackson more than a decade ago to help the needy. They have now created seven ministries that do just that, including basketball and sports ministry.

“Every afternoon, this is full of guys that come and share the gospel and testimonies and play ball,” said Lancaster.

The organization provides housing for missionaries and volunteers, and there are also blessing rooms where they clothe and feed more than 750 people a month.

“Mississippi is one of the hungriest states in America," says Lancaster. “So we give away a lot of food.”

The after-school and tutoring program is also a popular ministry.

Lancaster says that every afternoon their ministry provides educational needs. "The kids come in, we pray, we have snacks. They may not have computers, so we have computers here so they can do it.”

There is also a coffee shop called The Urban Sip which provides employment, and the money collected is invested right back into Jackson.

We Will Go ministries helps Jackson

“They are reaching out to people most people ignore,” says Jackson Police Chief James Davis.

Chief Davis has seen firsthand how the organization is making a positive impact downtown.

“Crime is down in this area, and that is why they want to invest in this area,” said Davis.

“We should care about this. Not only care about Jackson, but do something,” summarized Lancaster.

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