Jackson baseball park gets a makeover

Leavell Wood Park restoration

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Leavell Wood baseball park is getting a new makeover and has been a staple in the Jackson community for the past 5 decades. But, for the last 6 years the park has become a ghost town.

Saturday, several hard working people across the Jackson community stepped up to fix the park in hopes of starting a new era of baseball.

Eric Barbour is the park president and coached baseball for 16 years, and he says this park holds a special place in his heart.

“I love it so much. It hurts my spirit to see nothing here and the park is going down. I want to get out here to do my part and help the community. And to help the youth grow up and give them something positive to do.”

Barbour says he wasn’t going to let the park go without a fight, and feels it’s his duty to help the youth in any way he can.

“I refuse to let this place go down. I was out there. I put in hours and time and money and my heart just to see this place grow.”

Ira Singleton is one of the volunteers eager to make a difference in the community. He says he wanted to get involved because he believes sports play an important role in teaching today’s youth valuable lessons.

“These kids don’t have enough to do, too involved with technology, phones, video games. We need to teach them how to interact with each other.”

Singleton says at the end of the day, it’s all about the children.

“Children are the most important products. If we don’t invest time back in them then we will lose everything we are working for. That is the key.”

If you want to get involved you can email him at ERICBARBOUR@bellsouth.net

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