Links for crime stats removed from Jackson’s website days after 3OYS investigation into JPD’s crime stats

City, police chief say numbers will soon be posted on monthly basis.

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - One week after a 3 On Your Side investigation revealed inconsistencies with the Jackson Police Department’s own crime statistics, links pointing to those crime stats have now disappeared from the city’s website.

Those links could be found in the “Jackson Police Department” section of the city’s website, titled “Crime Stats" and “Crime Maps.” Clicking on those links would presumably take the user to a PDF compilation of weekly crimes, known informally as COMSTAT reports, and a map highlighting where the previous week’s crimes took place over a map of the city of Jackson.

3 On Your Side found those links, while not consistently updated on a weekly basis, still showed somewhat recent crime data for those interested.

Police Chief James Davis said that information was removed because they’re rebuilding that part of the website.

“I don’t know. We’re rebuilding all of that, all of that,” Davis said. “We’re gonna be reporting everything directly [that] we report to UCR.”

Davis is referring to the Uniform Crime Reporting statistics that JPD provides to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This change took place days after our 3 On Your Side investigation revealed inconsistencies with those weekly COMSTAT reports, where numbers in certain crime categories would suddenly be significantly lower on specific dates.

Those lower numbers would then be released by the department on social media.

During Davis’ Jan. 28 interview for that investigation, he said his department was working through these problems and trying to correct them.

However, when asked Friday if our investigation had anything to do with these sudden and future changes to the city’s website, Davis said the department cares less about that.

“From this day forward, we’re putting out everything the FBI gets. That’s what the police department will be posting," Davis said.

Davis couldn’t give an exact date on when the public would start seeing these new crime statistics on the city’s website.

Jackson communications director Candice Cole said they will be posted on the 15th of each month, and she believes that will start next week.

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