'Still in shock’: Lincoln Co. family to be reunited with lost pup after he was taken out of state by local shelter

'Still in shock’: Lincoln Co. family to be reunited with lost pup after he was taken out of state by local shelter
'Little Pup' went missing in late January, and was transported by BARL to NY; Source: Adopted family

BROOKHAVEN, MS (WLBT) - A Lincoln County family can now rejoice, after getting word that they will be reunited with their beloved furry friend.

The reunion comes after the Koopman’s, the Iowa family who adopted ‘Little Pup’, saw the story we aired on Tuesday.

Little Pup went missing in late January, after following a family member further up the road than he may have intended. He was then picked up by a resident, who eventually took him to the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. From there, he was transported to a shelter in New York.

According to owner Sherry Lowe, the lady who took him to BARL was told to sign an owner-surrender form.

“I just want him back, and if we don’t get him back, I don’t know what we are going to do,” Lowe said to us Tuesday.

Lowe was able to confirm on Thursday that her puppy had indeed been adopted, and she says the feeling is indescribable.

“There are just no words to express, because I literally today was too a point of thinking that it was too far fetched for us to get it back,” she said. “With the help of so many people.”

Lowe added that the Koopman’s knew they had to get Little Pup home when he began jumping and down from excitement after hearing her voice on a recording, confirming that his original owners “were good people.”

The Koopman’s reached out to WLBT, saying they “love him dearly, but he belongs with [his family]. If possible, could you let them know that he is in good hands so they can stop worrying. I know that we would be sick if our dog was lost.”

Losing two dogs to cancer last year, the family adopted Little Pup as a companion for another pet, after seeing his picture online.

They added that it now makes sense why he hates the cold, being from Mississippi.

“As much as we love the little guy, there’s just no way we couldn’t return him to the family he belongs to.”

The Koopman’s were contacted and informed by the shelter that he was adopted from about two weeks prior, that Little Pup indeed had a family in Mississippi who was looking for him.

After learning that they will be reunited with their beloved pet, the family said, “We are so excited to announce that we are getting our baby, Little Pup, home soon! We have spoken to his precious adopted family and are working with them to bring him home.”

Sherry Lowe and her husband will be driving to Iowa to personally pick up their beloved Little Pup from The Koopman’s.

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