Bible class as an elective in schools proposed by Mississippi lawmaker

The House Bill has been referred to the education committee and has faces a Tuesday deadline.

Bible classes could be added to Miss. curriculum

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Bible classes could find their way into the Mississippi curriculum as an elective.

Other states are filing bills to incorporate the offering. President Trump tweeted about the issue Monday, saying he thinks it’s great.

“As an elective," said bill author Representative Tom Miles-D. "It also says it must be in compliance with all state and federal laws.”

House Bill 1403 would require Mississippi school districts to offer Bible classes to high school students. Like Miles noted, it would only be offered as an elective.

“We’re not forcing it on anyone," said Miles. "We’re not trying to hound anyone over the head with the Bible or trying to baptize anyone or do anything that they don’t wanna do.”

Kentucky passed a similar bill in 2017, and that’s what prompted Miles’ constituents to reach out and ask for the same in the Magnolia State. But not everyone seems to think it’s a good idea.

“Are they teaching all religions?" asked Richard Lawrence. "Or are they only teaching one religion? There are over 300 religions, so unless they’re going to be teaching over 300 types of religion, but I really don’t see the point.”

Others I asked saw where it could prompt controversy, but still support it.

“It might be offensive to some people because some people believe in other religions Islam or whatever," said Clifton Clancy. "Everybody believes in what they believe in, but I just think that overall, if they have anything that’s pertaining to God in school, it couldn’t hurt.”

Representative Miles says his intent in filing the bill is for it to be structured like a History class, rather than something like a Sunday school class.

The House Bill has been referred to the education committee and has faces a Tuesday deadline.

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