City of Jackson is ready for cold weather, says Public Works Director

Miller said once the rain stops, road crews will be out to spread de-ice at intersections with a history of standing water

City of Jackson is ready for cold weather

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Extremely cold weather is about to grip areas of the United States. Although it’s rare in this part of the country to have such low temperatures, bringing with it a chance of snow, it’s important to be prepared.

When temperatures drop, the unexpected can happen. And that’s exactly what took place when a pipe burst on Bailey Ave. Monday evening. Although it wasn’t a result of cold weather, the reality is that it could potentially be very dangerous. With freezing temperatures, standing water turns to ice.

Miller explains cold weather plan
Miller explains cold weather plan

Public Works Director, Robert Miller, held a press conference Monday afternoon to inform residents of the plan of action regarding cold weather related issues. One of which is standing water.

“With the cold front moving in, any standing water will most like turn to ice, manning traveling on roadways extremely dangerous,” he reiterated.

Miller said once the rain stops, road crews will be out to spread de-ice at intersections with a history of standing water. They will also spread sand on certain roads - particularly those with hills.

With freezing temperatures comes freezing pipes
With freezing temperatures comes freezing pipes (Source: Weather Channel)

Another issue of concern for many residents are their service lines.

“In other parts of the country, when they have days and weeks of freezing temperature, their ground will freeze. But, for us, that ground isn’t going to freeze. But as the service line comes up out of the ground and into the house, underneath the crawl space, that’s where there is some risk of the lines freezing,” Miller said.

He says that this particular cold front is of concern because of the amount of wind that’s going to come with it. That wind has a tendency to carry whatever heat is available, which means it’s important to protect your pipes.

Miller had the following advice:

“The first thing that we would want them to do is leave the cabinet door open underneath their kitchen sinks, underneath their bathroom sinks, to let air circulate around those lines. But at the same time, if they have pets or little children, make sure that they remove or secure any cleaning products.”

For those who’ve experienced frozen service lines before, Miller had these suggestions.

“They may want to consider running a small stream of water no larger than a pencil lead just during the hours of the nighttime." Miller recommends a bathroom in the back of the house or in the kitchen.

Additionally, “When we see winds as high as 20 miles-per-hour or more, that can really move the heat out from underneath the house and a crawl space."

Miller said that this is the perfect time to sign up for the city of Jackson’s Code Red. It’s a community alert system that allows you to be notified in the event of any emergency situations. Just go to and click on the link that says “Code Red,” and follow the instructions.

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