Scott Sisters hold fundraiser for kidney transplant

Jaime Scott and her sister are hoping to raise enough money for a medical procedure that could save her life.

Scott Sisters fundraiser

BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - You may remember these two sisters. Gladys and Jamie Scott were sentenced to two life sentences in prison for a robbery over 26 years ago.

Former Governor Haley Barbour pardoned the Scott sisters in 2011 so Glady’s could donate her kidney to her sister Jamie in hopes of saving her life.

That dream may soon become a reality.

Friends and family gathered to support the sisters during this difficult time, and the two sisters say they are beyond grateful for all the donations, and the love.

"It is overwhelming. Word’s can’t explain how full my heart is filled with joy. They won’t let me do anything or Gladys. They tell us to move out of the way,” said Jamie.

The sisters say Mississippi holds a special place in their hearts, and they couldn’t imagine having the fundraiser anywhere else.

“Today is the day. and we decided to do the fundraiser in Mississippi because [this state] shows us so much love. It is home," said Jamie.

The two sisters have always been close through thick and thin, so when Gladys knew her sister needed a kidney, she didn’t think twice about giving Jamie hers.

“I don’t know when I don’t how how but I said you are coming out of here. We walked in together. We are going to walk out together. We are going to get you that kidney. I told them from the start, I want to give my sister my,” said Gladys.

The sisters tell us it’s moments like this that remind them there are still good people in the world.

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