Demario Davis hosts 7-on-7 tryouts in Madison

Former Brandon Bulldog and current New Orleans Saints LB gives back to Mississippi

Demario Davis hosts 7-on-7 tryouts in Madison


Demario Davis in town for 7v7 tryouts

Demario Davis is back in Mississippi following his first season with the New Orleans Saints.

The Former Brandon Bulldog and current linebacker for the Saints hosted tryouts for his new 7-on-7 team. Around 100 kids from all over the state of Mississippi showed up at D-1 in Madison to tryout for the new travel team.

Davis said 30 athletes will be selected and he’s hoping to give them something special that he didn’t have growing up. The kids will have access to workout and learn from former and current NFL players at absolutely no cost to them. The Devoted Dreamers Foundation, which was created by Davis, is paying for everything.

Davis said what he hopes the kids learn from this experience has little to do with football, but a lot to do with life.

“My goal is to create a program that really focuses on character and really focuses on building well-rounded student athletes,” Davis said. “You may have the talent, but you have to be able to perform well in the classroom. You have to be able to make good decisions off the field. So that’s what’s the most important part to me.”

Davis is hosting another tryout in February before making his decision on the final 30.

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