Consider This: Murders are Destroying Jackson

Consider This: Murders are Destroying Jackson

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - We could record an editorial every week focused on the crime in Jackson, specifically murders. It is epidemic.

Addressing this epidemic has the attention of the Governor, who is proposing a multi-million-dollar crime center to help Jackson fight this battle. The city needs to take advantage of every opportunity to help. And instead of saying that murders are an issue in other areas to try and justify the problem here, an unacceptable position, city leaders should reach out to cities in the region where violent crime has declined. What are they doing that is working?

People and businesses are going to continue to flee to other areas where they feel their families, employees and customers are safe. If they leave, there is very little chance they will ever return.

Breeland Thomas, a Jackson resident, summed it up, “It’s terrible. We gotta work more and go forward, we can’t go backwards. All this killing has to stop eventually or there won’t be anyone left in Jackson to carry on.”

We talk about potholes and other issues the city is facing, but the number one challenge affecting the future of Jackson is crime. Change needs to happen immediately, and the murders must stop, or the city will continue to deteriorate into a place where there will be little chance of resurrection.

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