Hinds County DA & Better Men Society aiming to tackle crime in the metro

Robert Shuler Smith wants everyone to “put down the guns."

Better Men Society fighting back against violence.

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -The Hinds County’s District Attorney and city leaders are teaming up with the “Better Men Society” and calling for a stop to deadly gun violence.

This week’s 4 homicides put the city of Jackson at eleven deaths for 2019, and some of the victims were people under the age of 30.

Hinds County District Attorney, Robert Shuler Smith and a community organization called the Better Men Society want the violence in the Capital City to end.

“We want to tell everyone, the young people, to put the guns down. Put the guns down. Stop shooting each other. Stop creating a bad environment for all of us. We’re giving you an opportunity to be a part of an organization, that is positive, that is going to help the community, that is going to help the family. You don’t have to shoot anyone, so please put the guns down,”said Smith.

For 18 years the Better Men Society has taken to the streets and helping communities around the metro. Everything from community watches, picking up the trash and helping ex-cons and young people finds jobs.

Robert Davis is the groups leader, and believes that today’s youth need more mature men in their lives so that they don’t resolve their differences through gun violence.

“Home interaction is getting scarce, you know parents are assuming a lot and not digging into what the problem is in their own children. If they want to learn how to be a drug dealer, the drug dealers are readily available to them. They know exactly where the drug dealers are. If they want to be a gang member, they know exactly where the gang members are. The thing about that is if they want to be a better man, where can they find the better men society,”said Davis.

Shuler Smith has donated the former Hosanna Baptist Church building on Jayne Avenue as a future community center for the group.

They will be accepting donations of any form and opening in the near future.

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