Wednesday marked a deadly 24-hours for the Capital City

Wednesday marked a deadly 24-hours for the Capital City

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Jackson City Council announced they will be holding a meeting on Friday to discuss the recent violence and allegations against Jackson police officers regarding the death of George Robinson.

There have been 11 murders in the Capital City so far in 2019, with four murders recorded Wednesday alone.

The violence began Wednesday morning on Robinson street.

25-year-old Christopher Eugene Collins was gunned down near the intersection of Green Avenue and Robinson Street.

Witnesses say they heard several shots, then saw Pope’s car leave the road and crash into a tree.

The third shooting occurred outside of a home in the 1900 block of Teakwood Drive.

Police say there were multiple friends inside the home, when two of them got into an altercation which ended in gunfire. Two victims died there.

They are identified as 34-year-old Elizahown Burns and 28-year-old Kameron Virgil.

Investigations into the shootings continue.

Jackson police officers were back on Coronet Place Thursday, going door to door, looking for clues in the shooting death of Mr. Pope.

According to residents, gunshots are nothing new, and some nights it sounds like a war zone.

“When I first moved here five years ago, it was very peaceful," said one resident. "You can’t go to sleep now from shooting. This street, the other two streets, Payden or Glenn. It is just terrible over here now, you never know when a bullet is going to come through your house.”

James Ikard has only lived in Mississippi for a few years, but grew up on the “hard streets” of Detroit.

He believes more jobs are needed to occupy the time of a mostly young generation, who are using guns to solve their problems.

“Sometimes, that’s the line, that’s the thin line between do and don’t," he said. "If I had some work I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t do that bad thing.”

Residents welcome more police protection, and say that there are officers that patrol the area, get out of their cars and interact with residents...there just aren’t enough of them.

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