Nissan workers learn of pending layoffs

Up to 700 Nissan workers in Canton will soon be jobless

Nissan to reduce workforce.

That’s a big impact for the plant of 6,400 employees. This follows layoffs in December of about 1,000 people at plants in Mexico.

"I just heard that it's gonna be a layoff but we don't know anything definitely until March the 11th," said Nissan employee Jackie Simmons.

As Nissan Canton workers changed shifts Thursday, more and more learned about job cuts at the automobile manufacturer.

Corporate communications manager Lloryn Love-Carter says Nissan is adjusting production capacity. This will affect about 700 workers.

The second and third shifts producing the Titan truck and commercial van lines will be eliminated.

Nissan Direct employees will be fully retained and deployed to other areas. Officials say Nissan is working to reduce the number of job cuts through attrition and buyouts for employees 55 and older.

The average hourly pay in production is reportedly $24.47 an hour.

“Do you think you are one of the people who may be affected?"

"I will not know until March the 11th,” answered Simmons.

“Are you concerned you may be?”

"I am, but I just put it in God's hands".

Clinton Watts owns Highway 51 RV Rental in Canton and sympathizes with the employees facing job losses.

“I know a lot of people that work there that live over there at that RV Park,” said Watts. “We got about 10 or 15 tenants over there that work at Nissan. We had a few to retire this year from over there”.

Nissan officials say employees will have their jobs until March 18th.

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