Former Callaway standout, Breeland Speaks, prepares for his first NFL playoff

We spoke exclusively to Speaks' parents about what it takes to raise a star athlete

Breeland Speaks family speaks on star athlete

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Imagine your dreams becoming reality, and that this Saturday you’ll be suiting up to play in the NFL playoffs.

That’s now the reality of one former Callaway High School student. We sat down with the family of Breeland Speaks this week to talk all things football!

Clyde Speaks talks about his sons, “they were all athletes, all student athletes, all football players.”

Clyde and Brenda Speaks are football parents to three sons.

Older boys Everett and Marcellous are football standouts in their own way, but it was baby boy Breeland who from the beginning showed promise for greater things.

According to Clyde, “all my sons were athletes... we knew Breeland was special at an early age because he could run. You know the mark of a true athlete is you watch a kid run. And he was getting up always had a little size to him but he could always run.”

Breeland, like his brothers played all sports; baseball, soccer, even basketball. But, his heart remained on the field.

Breeland Speaks wearing his Dallas Cowboys football jersey. (SOURCE: FAMILY)
Breeland Speaks wearing his Dallas Cowboys football jersey. (SOURCE: FAMILY)

Brenda says, “when he was young, and we have a picture of it, I bought him a football uniform from JCPenny. It was the Dallas Cowboys and he wore it to pieces.”

She tells us, “when he finished with the Y, he had a friend who said come on and play little league with us so he actually played for the Panthers of West Jackson.”

Breelans Speaks as a young athlete. (SOURCE: FAMILY)
Breelans Speaks as a young athlete. (SOURCE: FAMILY)

Then he played at Callaway High School and showed so much promise that the summer before his junior year, Breeland and his dad took some road trips to visit some powerhouse schools around the South.

Clyde explains, “we went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we went to Auburn, we went to Tallahassee, Florida State, we went to South Carolina we went to Tennesse ‚Ole Miss, Mississippi State.”

Eventually, Breeland settled on Ole Miss. He was redshirted his freshman year, but kept with his training.

Then, his senior year, things changed. Due to injuries to the defensive line, Breeland was moved from the inside to defensive end and exploded.

Clyde says, “and I mean his stock just went up, he got like seven sacks. He had a couple of games where he had multiple sacks, I think against LSU."

After that, the agents started calling and the dream of playing professional football became that much closer to reality.

But, as with anything that this close knit family does, before Breeleand made the decision to declare for the NFL draft he talked to his parents and then a higher power.

Brenda says, “in everything that we do... we always get together and pray about it, cause we want to make sure that we are doing what the Lord wants us... be where you’re supposed to be and the blessings are gonna be there, provision is gonna be there... “

Those prayers were answered, and just like that life for the then 22 year old changed. He headed to Kansas to meet his new team and hasn’t looked back since.

Mom and dad find themselves on the road supporting their baby boy at every home game just like they always have.

Brenda says, “when all our boys, no matter what they did whether they played or rode the pine mom and dad was always there. “

Breeland and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Indianapolis Colts, Saturday Jan. 12. The Chiefs have home field advantage. You can catch all the action on WLBT, kick-off is at 3:35p.m.

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