Rescue steps up to help beloved team member after he was badly burned

“When nobody else was there, Charlie Skinner was.”

Rescue steps up to help beloved team member after he was badly burned

MACON, MS (WLBT) - A man in his mid-60′s named Charlie Skinner is the heartbeat of Southern Pup rescue in Macon, Mississippi.

Director and founder, Alice Gill, said that when nobody else was there, Charlie Skinner was. He is a vital part of her east Mississippi rescue to save discarded and abused dogs in the state. She said, “He is worth people knowing. If only we were all like he”

Skinner has spent years helping with the rescue. He comes twice a week to help clean kennels, love on the rescue dogs, do odd jobs, and help with anything and everything that needs to be done.

Gill said this man has been her only constant source of help in her years of rescue. “God bless him. I couldn’t have made 2018 without him.”

Two days ago, before heading over to the rescue, Skinner was badly burned in a kitchen fire. He suffered third degree burns and had to be rushed to Jackson’s burn center for surgery.

Gill is now working to help her friend and the angel of her rescue.

“I just love him. When my father passed away, he went home and put on a suit and came to the house to pay his respects. He’s an amazing person”

Gill said that he has helped her family and other families in the community for years. He was there from the very beginning and helped her when she first started building her rescue years ago when she was still living in an unfinished trailer.

Gill hopes to raise money to help pay for his medical expenses and help him get back on his feet.

After all that he has given and sacrificed to bless her and the rescue pups, as well as the Macon community, she says this is the least she can do.

“All proceeds raised for Charlie will go to assist him as he recovers. We covet your thoughts and prayers for him as well.”

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