Family: MBI cleared woman as shooter in Madison Co. murder-suicide

The Myers wants a public apology from the MCSD, saying they feel their daughter was treated unfairly.

Family: LaKrisna Myers cleared as shooter in Madison Co. murder-suicide investigation

MADISON, MS (WLBT) - According to a Madison family, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has cleared LaKrisna Myers of being the shooter in the murder-suicide investigation involving a Hinds County deputy in 2017.

More than a year and a half later, MBI provided the family with evidence that proves the nurse was not the killer.

The family now wants an apology from Madison County authorities who conducted the investigation.

“LaKrisna had to prove her innocence from the grave,” said Linda Taylor Myers, LaKrisna’s mother.

The family petitioned MBI and other agencies to re-investigate the March 2017 shooting death of their daughter.

According to her mother, on October 10, 2018, the state agency presented their findings, clearing the then 28-year-old of being the shooter in the murder-suicide.

MBI released the nurse’s cell phone, which had a recording of the shooting that took place inside her Madison home.

It indicates that the fatal shots were fired by her then-boyfriend, Hinds County Deputy Daryl Davis.

“After they reopened the case they found that these were the new findings, that Lakrisna had a phone recording,” said Linda. “She was shot two times in the head, forehead and left side of her head, and she was right handed. There was no gun power residue on her hands. No more than being in a room that a gun had been fired."

The still grieving mother said MBI concluded that Davis used his 9 mm Glock service firearm to shoot Myers, then himself.

“They threw LaKrisna under the bus and drug her through the mud," said her father Lamar Myers.

“She was shot with a police revolver in the head twice,” said Lamar. “The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said the first shot went through her forehead and came out the back of her head. Her skull and brains splattered on the wall."

The nurse left behind a 10-year-old son who is now 12. Davis also had a young daughter.

The Myers' said they repeatedly reached out to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and never received a response.

“We don’t know if the Davis family knows this new development in the case. Has anyone given it to them, we don’t know,” said Lamar. “If this is the way they have to find out, we apologize to them."

“We just want to let everyone know that LaKrisna did not kill herself. LaKrisna was murdered," her mother added. “She was murdered in her own home. She did not deserve this at all.”

We reached out to the MBI for comment and were referred to Madison County, who conducted the initial investigation.

As of now, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department has not returned calls or requests for comment.

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