Rescue pups take to the friendly skies to reach forever homes

Dogs from the McComb Animal Shelter flew to their new homes on the East Coast Thursday.

Shelter dogs flown to new homes

MCCOMB, MS (WLBT) - Over 90 rescue dogs took to the friendly skies Thursday to make the journey to their new homes in the northeast. It’s all apart of a joint effort between the McComb Animal Shelter and one very special non-profit.

One of the great thing about dogs is, they might not know where they’re going or how they’re getting there, but the very idea that they’re going anywhere at all is too exciting to ignore.

After getting tagged and grouped, the rescue pets were placed in their designated crates and carried on board, where they will join 65 other rescues picked up earlier this morning from the Delta.

Pups from the McComb Animal Shelter boarded a plane to New Jersey Thursday. Source: WLBT
Pups from the McComb Animal Shelter boarded a plane to New Jersey Thursday. Source: WLBT

“We’re going to be able to fly these pets to communities where there is actually a waiting list,” said Ric Browde.

Browde started Wings of Rescue in 2009 to provide long-distance transportation to rescue shelters across the United States and Canada.

“Mississippi is the worst, I mean second worst state in the country for euthanasia in shelters,” he said.

One of the biggest issues for shelters, especially in rural communities, is overcrowding.

“Particularly here in the south when we have this over population problem that is just rampant; puppies here and there and everywhere," Michelle Lumbass lamented.

Lumbass runs the McComb Animal Shelter. After looking for shelters to take some of her rescues, she got lucky in New Jersey.

The only problem was getting them there...and that’s where Wings of Life comes in.

“These are 20-something animals that would be on the streets having babies, and this opens a lot of cages for us to be able to help more animals," she said. "This is monumental for us because unfortunately there’s just not enough homes out there for these animals.

The rescues will stay at St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey until they are placed with their new forever families.

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