Consider This: Fix the crime issues in 2019

Consider This: Fix the crime issues in 2019

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - As we have shared in several editorials, until the city of Jackson addresses and fixes the crime issues, all the other improvements will be less impactful.

You can fix streets, repair water lines, create pop-up parks and make other improvements, however, crime is the #1 issue in the capital city. In 2018 there were 84 homicides… the highest in 24 years. There has already been one person shot to death in 2019.

The city has a new police chief. The city has new officers on the street. The city has new additions to its fleet of vehicles. There are reasons to be optimistic that the law enforcement efforts will improve. Even with more policing, a lot of the responsibility starts at home. Many people are using guns as the first choice to resolve a conflict or dispute. The city also has a gang problem and many of these murders are gang related.

It is a very complicated, long-term challenge. Again, until the city gets a grip on crime and changes its image as a dangerous city, the possibilities of becoming the most radical city on the planet is all talk.

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