Pre-New Year’s Eve Preps in Jackson

Bravo! and The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science hosting New Year’s Events

New Year's Eve Preps

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - As Jacksonians prepare to ring in 2019, several places in and around the city are gearing up for their New Year’s events.

Italian restuarant Bravo! is preparing for their big New Year’s Eve dinner and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is having their first ever New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Goodenough talks food and why he loves it.
Goodenough talks food and why he loves it.

Sous Chef extraordinaire, Jason Goodenough, is responsible for making New Year’s Eve at Bravo in Jackson wonderful... and it all comes down to the food.

“I made all of these wonderful cakes here,” he said pointing to his key lime rum cakes.

He will serve them with buttermilk gelato, featuring candied pistachios and burnt honey.

His inspiration?

“We stopped at some random gas station off the Florida Turnpike and they had Key Lime rum cake samples out there and I was like, this is really good,” he said describing a pit stop that he and his wife made recently.

So, Goodenough said, he added it to the menu.

“I was just trying to go for something that was gonna make people, their taste buds sing you know,” he said.

As for the rest of the menu?

“Basically, I have been ordering stuff all week,” he continued.

I asked him what his process was when designing a menu.

“Sitting up late at night at the house or here or whatever and I just get a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing,” he said with a smile but exhausted look on his face.

Tomorrow’s menu will feature cured scallops, lemon artichoke bisque and pork cheek.

Bravo’s sister restaurant, Broad Street Baking Company and Cafe, is providing some sweet treats for the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science’s New Year’s Eve Glow Party. There, families will ring in the New Year with some nocturnal friends.

“It’s actually coordinating with our In The Dark Exhibit which closes tomorrow. It’s all about nocturnal animals,” said Education Coordinator, Andrea Falcetto.

The event will feature this feisty one, Charley the Possum.

Charlie the Possum
Charlie the Possum

Why nocturnal animals?

“Because most people aren’t going to see them. We are diurnal so we sleep at night, so a lot of the nocturnal animals you are never going to experience unless you go outside at night,” Falcetto said.

Which is also why the New Year will be come a little early tomorrow.

“We are doing a balloon drop at ‘midnight’ which is 8PM for those that have to go to bed early,” she said.

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