Bid approved by Warren Co. for jail site demolition

The new jail i s set to be built where the abandoned Pinewood Hotel stands.

Bid approved by Warren Co. for jail site demolition

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) - The Warren County Board of Supervisors is done taking bids for the demolition of an old property, where they are hoping to build a new jail.

The board has now agreed to an over $87 thousand bid from a demolition crew from Jackson. It was their “lowest/best bid," they said.

Warren County’s current jail is a building that is over 100 years old, and according to Sheriff Martin Pace, its design is “out of date."

The sheriff’s office also says they only house a certain number of detained individuals at their Grove Street location. They’re actually assisted by two other counties for housing their inmates.

The aging and abandoned Pinewood Hotel is where the future jail will be built. The county president, Richard George, and the board accepted a bid for its demolition Thursday.

“We have a site selected with existing buildings that were in poor conditions and not necessarily purpose at all for us," said George. “And now we have advertised and awarded a demolition contract to remove all existing buildings and some concrete parking area in order to prepare for the next step of this project.”

The interior of Warren County’s jail is modeled in a tube-shape design. Sheriff Martin Pace says because of the way the jail was constructed and its age, the county is losing money for its upkeep. The last time they updated the facility was in the 70′s, and before that 1907.

Sheriff Pace says a new jail has been a long time coming.

“For some 20 years, grand juries have been recommending that this jail be replaced. Not only because of the size of it, but the design of it, the cell structure design, the maintenance issues, the upkeep of an antiquated design that we can no longer get parts for," said Pace. “It has served this community very well for a long time, but it’s time to move on with a new facility.”

The board will now wait for the proper permits from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

Socrates Garrett Enterprises of Jackson will be demolishing the blighted property in 2019.

County supervisors are expected to break ground on the new jail by 2020.

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