City of Vicksburg demolishing abandoned church

City of Vicksburg demolishing abandoned church

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) -Demolishing an abandoned church is on the city of Vicksburg’s Christmas wish list.

Trinity Baptist Church on Patricia Street is threatened by erosion from Spouts Bayou.

Mayor George Flaggs says if the bayou destroyed the property under previous owners, the city then would have to take ownership for the damage.

“This bayou has taken on a life of it’s own. It has compromised the back end of the church. In order for us to fix it, it costs about $800,000 to almost a million dollars to fix. It is cheaper for us to buy the church and demolish the church than trying to make this correction. And I think it’s a great decision that the city should have made years ago,”said Flaggs.

Flaggs says the church minister and the church office approached the city to take the property off their hands, because they couldn’t do anything about the back end of the church being eroded away into the bayou, and “compromised.”

Engineers went out and did a feasibility study, and also saw the property was closed to being damaged by the bayou.

“It’s not about how bad the church is looking, it’s about to destroy the church property. And if it destroys the church property, we’re going to be responsible for it. And rather than us take that liability, because it take $800,000 to actually correct it. So that water an flow and to improve and mitigate it. We much rather spend less than $100,000 than spend $800,000 to mitigate it and you can have the same problem in a year or two,” said Flaggs.

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