COJ water and sewer event ends with many wanting answers

Some water bills are in the thousands.

Helping Avoid Water Service Interruption

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The City of Jackson, along with the “Working Together Jackson”, put together a two day event to help assist customers with their outstanding water bills.

Water department representatives were at the Jackson Medical Mall Saturday settling customer accounts, correcting errors, answering questions and offering payment options for locals owing the city some major money.

Most of the customers owe hundreds of dollars. Adrien Jackson is one of many who owe the city, and says she has been paying her bills by the month. She currently has a $3000 water bill.

“Fix the problem, help me with the problem, no one is able to afford a bill like this especially being a single parent," she said. “And they tell you to come out, it’s from 10 to 2. I’ve been here waiting almost four hours, they’ve only seen maybe 20 to 30 people, and you have a lot of upset people out here with water bills from $5000 to 12.”

Because of a multitude of outstanding bills, the city is hoping this event can help people pay and/or alleviate some of those water bill issues.

People are also skeptical about how the billing process is being taken care of.

“People were barely making it back then when the water bill was every two months, so you use to getting a water bill at two months for $200 maybe. And now it’s going to $200 a month. So where are you getting your calculations from?" said Jackson. “And then they don’t come out and read the meters now, everything is sent digital. So how do we know your numbers are accurate?”

And new residents to the area, such as Joseph Faulker from Hattiesburg, question if the water bills are worth the quality of water that they are paying for.

“It’s probably safe? But not 100 percent pure as you know. You would hope that pure tap water would be,” said Faulkner.

Some even have questions about the infrastructure.

“You cant drink the water half the time, it’s not safe. It’s under a boil water alert, you got pipes busting everywhere. Where is our money going?”

Saturday wasn’t the last day for the city to help people out. There will be 10 more water/sewer assistance events throughout the city until the end of March.

Adrien is hoping by then she will get some answers about her water bill.

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