Pile of tires along Pearl River concerning boaters

204 tires were pulled from the river in October... and they haven’t moved since

Old pile of tires from Pearl River concerning boaters

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Trash and litter have often piled up along, and in, the Pearl River, but one group went out of its way to clean up the waterway and its banks.

According to John Breland, and the fishermen of the Pearl River, there sits an eyesore that’s been out there since the month of October.

Along the Pearl River lives what looks to be dozens of tires that have been yanked out of the water, and which have accumulated over the years.

So, armed with a tractor and a wench, eleven Mississippians worked from 9 in the morning to 2 o' clock in the afternoon, hauling truck load after truck load of tires.

“Two-hundred and four (tires). Three-hundred yards long, sixty yards wide. I’ve been fishing down there for thirty plus years and it’s just unbelievable," said Breland.

A successful haul, but the mission was not complete. The group notified the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and were told MDEQ would pick up the rest of the tires. It’s now December, and the tires are in the same spot.

Breland tells 3 on Your Side that this is only the tip of the trash pile. There was so much more to be gathered, but what they cleared was all they could get to.

“There’s about two miles of tires in that area," said Breland. “I’d like to see something happen with the government doing this. State, counties, somebody. It’s too big for a group of eleven people to even attempt without, you know, getting some funds, equipment... You know, you pay me to do it, I’ll get out there and do it everyday till I can’t find a tire. But you got to have people and money to do it.”

When reached for comment, the Department of Environmental Quality said they’re “currently working on the matter.”

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