Cars get stuck in mud in Jackson neighborhood

Rain washes sand away and leaves water hole in its place

Cars get stuck in mud in Jackson neighborhood

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jeannette Minor and her husband found themselves in a bit of a jam—or mud—Saturday evening.

“If you put sand here and it starts raining, it’s going to wash away,” said Minor, pointing to the area in front of her driveway on Wooddell Drive.

And that is exactly what happened. When Minor’s husband started to back out of their driveway, what was once sand was now a hole with water.

“We’re in a flood zone," she said. “The water gets so high it settles right here in his area.”

Minor says the city recently replaced the piping on her street. The sand and gravel is a temporary fix until repaving begins.

But Minor said they should have paved it after they finished laying down the new piping.

"Therefore, we won’t have to back out of our driveways in holes because you put sand down knowing that it’s raining and it’s going to wash away.”

Minor’s car wasn’t the only one that got stuck.

“Neighbor down the street, on her way to work, forgot something, turned around, and this is what she backed into,” she continued.

After calling a tow truck, the neighbor’s car was pulled out successfully. Minor was able to get her car out as well.

According to Minor, in order for her to leave for her to get to the street while leaving for work Sunday morning, she will have to drive through two of her neighbor’s front yards.

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