State Crime Lab making improvements with backlog of firearm cases

Agency connecting suspects to other crimes

State Crime Lab making improvements with backlog of firearm cases

PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Imaging technology is helping the Mississippi Crime Lab in Pearl with its backlog of firearm cases. The agency is also connecting more suspects to crimes across the state.

The technology is called the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network or NIBIN. Law enforcement share information about firearms and can find out if a suspect is linked to another crime. Since using the program, the crime lab has given law enforcement 144 investigative leads this year, compared to only 30 leads last year. It’s all in hopes of stopping a suspect from committing another crime.

“If we’re able to link these shootings say a shooting that start as a shooting into an occupied dwelling or shooting at a stop sign as target practice and get those connected to an active shooter during an aggravated assault, then we stop the potential from a homicide to occur,” said Felicia McIntire, Section Chief Firearms Division.

In the firearms division, the agency is 575 cases lower compared to 2017 as well. Overall, there’s been a 115 percent productivity in that division.

A few months ago, 3 on your side first reported about the understaffing issues causing the backlogs. The crime lab has hired three new examiners and working with law enforcement to train officers on using NIBIN.

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