Man who stole MHP patrol car captured in Newton Co. on Sunday

Man who stole MHP patrol car captured in Newton Co. on Sunday
Manhunt over after Newton Co. Source: WTOK

DECATUR, MS (WLBT) - According to WTOK, the Decatur Police Chief says the man who stole an MHP patrol car, and several other vehicles was captured in Newton County on Sunday.

On November 21, Sean Patrick Sharp was pulled over for a traffic stop and when the officer saw that he had a warrant for a stolen vehicle out of Warren County, he handcuffed Sharp and placed in the back of an MHP cruiser.

Sharp was able to steal the MHP patrol car from the officer and lead authorities on a manhunt.

WTOK says that Chief Joedy Pennington said Sharp was arrested on North 8th Avenue Sunday.

He was handed over to the U.S. Marshals to be taken out of Newton County.

According to WTOK, Chief Pennington said they heard of the suspect after a car chase in Decatur that happened Friday, November 30th. Sharp ditched the car shortly after this chase and ran away on foot. Another suspect was also taken into custody at the scene.

A 3 day manhunt took place for Sharp in Newton Co. after this. that involved several different law enforcement agencies. The agencies included the Decatur Police Department, Newton County Sheriff’s Department, East Central Police Department, MDOT Law Enfocement, and MS Dept. of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks.

Chief Pennington said Sharp was captured Sunday morning by authorities after this manhunt.

Sharp now faces charges out of multiple districts.

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