Local business responds to water-main break

Local business responds to water-main break

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Thousands were affected by a water-main break on Friday; including residents, students and business owners.

Broad Street Bakery and Cafe handled things a bit differently than other businesses.

“This is what happens in our city," said Jeff Good, co-owner of Broad Street. “We have a failing infrastructure because we are an older city and we are in dire need of maintenance.”

“Coffee and tea is like the lifeline of our restaurant, so when you don’t have those it’s a serious problem," said General Manager Michael Thomas.

Thomas said he has dealt with his fair share of water-main breaks.

“It always happens at the inopportune time. 1 o’clock. In the middle of the lunch rush...restaurants full," he said with a smile.

Thomas said once the water pressure is gone and you can’t wash your hands, “then we have to close the restaurant.”

But they just don’t close the front door and leave, there is a process, a routine in which Thomas said “is ingrained in all of us.”

“Number one, we want to make sure our guest know exactly what’s going on," he said. “We shut down the restrooms, we shut down the ice machines, we stop production of all foods.”

As for food, well regardless of the situation, he says he can’t lay blame...so he just goes with the flow.

“It’s hard, there is no doubt about it," said Thomas. “This is a financially crushing situation but again it is what it is.”

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