77-year-old woman drowns after car crashes into Florence pond

The woman was driving on Rockwood Rd. in Florence when she crashed into a pond.
Broken Windshield
Broken Windshield
Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 11:10 PM CST
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FLORENCE, MS (WLBT) - A 77-year-old woman was killed in a wreck Wednesday night. She has been identified as Sandra Calhoun.

According to the Rankin Co. Undersheriff Raymond Duke, she was driving on Rockwood Road in the Florence/Star area when she crashed into a pond.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey says they received a call at 10:14 p.m. concerning the wreck. Rankin County deputies, along with the Star Fire Department, Rankin EOC, and Pafford Ambulance Service responded to the scene.

A nearby homeowner heard the crash and heard a woman screaming for help. He says he saw the car sinking and ran to the pond, jumped in, and tried to open the car doors to save the woman but was unsuccessful.

The Star Fire Dept. was on scene in less than 10 minutes and the fire chief jumped into the water and swam to the car. He was able to open the door, pull the woman out and pull her to the bank of the pond but she died on scene.

Rankin County deputies arrived on scene with specialized rescue equipment. They didn’t know if anyone else was inside the car.

The Rankin EOC dive team secured a cable to the car and pulled it out of the water. They found out that there were no other occupants inside the car.

The Rankin County Coroner David Ruth responded to the scene and recovered the accident victim.

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department stated that they are praying for peace for family and friends of the victim. They said they applaud the heroic actions of the homeowner and Star Fire Chief for trying to save the victim.

We are truly blessed in Rankin County to have residents and first responders who are willing to place themselves in harm’s way to save their fellow man.

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