Thanksgiving holiday is busiest travel time of the year

VIDEO: Thanksgiving holiday is busiest travel time of the year

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Wednesday, millions of people around the country headed out to their Thanksgiving destinations.

Usually when we think of holiday travel, we think of heavy traffic and long lines at the the airport, but not today and not in Jackson.

“The Friday before Thanksgiving is the high traffic day travel day,” said, Yolanda Clay-Moore, Public Relations manager at Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport. “I think it’s because kids are getting out of school and so the parents are able to take off.”

Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport
Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport

Earlier in the day, the airport was busy, but she said it’s been mostly incoming, and they don’t track those numbers, but she did track who some of those visitors were.

“Fantasia did come in this morning and Men at Large,” she said with a smile.

For those who did decide that roadways where better than runways, there is a perk -- gas prices.

According to, the average for regular unleaded is $2.27 a gallon and as low as $2.09 at some gas stations.

Which is definitely a good thing considering the distance that some people are going.

“I had a couple of them last night that was going to like North Carolina and Florida,” said Kim Slater. Slater has worked at Raceway gas station for the last three years. She has also worked every Thanksgiving.

“I notice that people are much nicer during the holidays,” she said.

Daniel Robinson doesn’t have to worry about a long car drive. He is going to home to Meridian -- just an hour and a half away -- but he did say this year he is getting a late start.

“You have to clean up. You can’t leave the house a mess and come back to that,” he said.

No matter how far or how close you are going, highway safety is extremely important.

“The holiday period starts this evening and goes thru Sunday night,” said Cpl. Kervin Stewart with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

According to Corporal Stewart, more people on the road means more things can happen.

“Since we have a lot more traffic, we have unfortunately more accidents because there are just more people on the road way,” he explained.

Wednesday night traffic on I-55 and I-20 was light, which means, everyone must have left early Wednesday morning or they are planning to leave bright and early Thanksgiving Day.

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