Record absentee votes cast in runoff election

Record absentee votes cast in runoff election

MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - In Madison County, voting machines are getting warmed up for next weeks run-off election.

Madison county voting
Madison county voting (Source: David Kenney)

Early absentee ballots being cast are a sign of big interest in the senate race and other contests, and over 700 absentee ballots have been cast in Madison County already.

“For a mid-term runoff election this is unbelievable,” said Madison County Circuit Clerk Anita Wray.

Wray said her office has had a constant stream of people voting early. She anticipates a record total when it comes to absentee ballots cast.

“Probably 13-1,400, because Saturday alone we voted about 150 people and the phones have been ringing off the wall with people steadily," she said. "We have not had a break with people lined up at the doors,” said Wray.

Tristan Marshall and his wife Janelle are taking advantage of the absentee option.

“It’s definitely more convenient because of my disability, and we don’t have to worry about getting in and out of the poll place," said Tristan. "It’s easy to come when it’s not as busy it’s always a good thing to have that option.”

Madison County is adding six extra voting machines to their busiest precincts to avoid long lines election day.

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