Adams County Sheriff’s Department fighting to remove illegal guns off the streets

VIDEO: Adams County Sheriff’s Department fighting to remove illegal guns off the streets

ADAMS COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -The Adams County Sheriff’s Department is taking aggressive steps to get illegal and stolen guns off the streets and out the hands of criminals and Sheriff Travis Patten is helping lead this effort.

“We are serious about taking illegal guns off the streets,” said Sheriff Travis Patten.

According to Sheriff Patten, this year his team has recovered more than 130 guns from across the county and arrested more than three dozen people. He says many of them are juveniles and convicted felons who had the firearms in their possession.

“As you can see, we have TEC-9′s, 9mm pistols and AR-15 rifles," said Patten. "Some of these guns have armor piercing bullets in them and these were all taken out of the hands of criminals. This is what we are up against in the community.”

Many of the guns reportedly came from people selling them on street corners, as well as gangs and theft. Patten says the department is taking this zero-tolerance approach on this issue because lives are on the line in the community.

“If you are a gun owner and you are supposed to have it, then we don’t have any issue with you at all," explained Patten. "If you are a criminal using it for the wrong reasons, then we are going to do what we need to do with you.”

The community can also help in this fight.

Patten says if your gun is stolen, you known someone who has a illegal gun or if someone is using a weapon to participate in illegal activities, please call the sheriff’s department.

“You can put a stop to some of these crimes happening, or give us the location of some of these guns or drugs. I guarantee if you give us a tip, we will follow up on it,” said Patten.

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