Gloves come off in Senate runoff

Special election less than two weeks away

Gloves come off in Senate runoff
Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy (Source: WMC Action News 5)

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -The commercials and social media posts are ramping up and the Senate special election is less than two weeks away. The gloves are coming off. New messages taking jabs at the other side, both from the Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy camps.

Gloves off in Runoff

“Cindy Hyde-Smith---what a disaster,” says one Espy ad.

“Do you really want him representing you?” asked a Hyde-Smith commercial.

Political action committees are also adding fuel to the fire with their ads. Hyde-Smith’s campaign has used social media as a platform to frame Espy alongside Washington democrats. A daily countdown entitled “20 reasons why Mike Espy is too liberal for Mississippi” is posted. Most recently, she’s pushed a story and documents surrounding a lobbying contract Mike Espy was paid $750,000 for in 2011.

Meanwhile, Espy’s is working to appeal to both sides of the aisle in a new commercial.

But the impacts of Cindy Hyde-Smith’s public hanging comment are still lingering. And a small group gathered Friday to call for change.

“Hell no, Cindy got to go,” they chanted.

“At this point in time, our options are not to look for a resignation from Cindy Hyde-Smith," noted Marquise Hunt, President of the Mississippi State Conference of Youth and College Division of the NAACP. "We’re not looking for an apology because we know it won’t happen. But we know that we have the power as the people of the state of MS and residents to vote her out and vote someone else in who will make sure there are policies reflective of all Mississippians.”

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