Northpark Mall celebrates grand makeover

Northpark’s renovations are complete just in time for the holiday season.

VIDEO: Northpark Mall celebrates grand makeover

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - Northpark Mall in Ridgeland held its grand opening Thursday marking the completion of a multi-million dollar renovation. The last major renovation to Northpark was in 1998.

“Now that we have a different type of ownership, the desire to make the improvements and enhance the property was the utmost importance,” said Kasey Dickson, General Manager of Northpark Mall.

In addition to the upgrades, Dickson said a digital component has also been added.

Shopping malls across the country are fighting to stay open. Some have failed like Metrocenter Mall in Jackson. With that in mind, WLBT wanted to know how Northpark mall has managed to keeps its doors open for so long.

“Its one of the only closed malls in the area that people can come for a one-stop shop. Food, entertainment and apparel. And with it sitting in the heart of Ridgeland, it’s right in the middle of the state of Mississippi,” Dickson said.

According to Dickson, 30 percent of Ridgeland’s sales tax revenue comes from Northpark and the City of Ridgeland represents 30 percent of the tax base in Madison County.

“So with that impact, we’re able to drive tenants here, drive customers here and provide that experience that their looking for for a shopping experience,” she continued.

“So, do you think that when you guys kind of raise the bar then the other stores around you will do the same?”

“Of course, I mean that’s standard, has usually how things go,” she replied.

Once all of the physical upgrades have been completed, Dickson says, the next step will be choosing new retailers.

“We’re just not able to announce them yet,” she said.

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