MAIS using instant replay for state championships

Coaches can challenge; officials in press box will review plays

MAIS using instant replay for state championships

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The MAIS state football championships will feature a new wrinkle this year: the use of instant replay.

Coaches will have the right to challenge plays during the state championships, which begin Thursday at Jackson Academy. Les Triplett, director of activities for the MAIS, says the coaches were just alerted of the use of instant replay Monday.

“If you have an overtime game, which we had three last year (during state championship weekend), any play can go back and be looked at as a crucial call in the game,” says Triplett. “So if you can get it right, that’s the best direction to go.”

Coaches, armed with challenge flags just like in the NFL, will begin the game with two challenges, and can earn an unlimited amount so long as their challenges lead to reversals of the ruling on the field. Officials in the press box will also be allowed to halt play for further review of plays needing closer examination.

Those officials will use camera angles provided by the company used to stream the championship games online. Triplett says eight cameras will be used to capture the action on the field for potential review.

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