Campaigning continues with 13 days until the Senate special election runoff

VIDEO: 13 days until Senate runoff election

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Mike Espy is playing up his availability as the Senate special election candidates move into the final days of campaigning.

“I’m happy to answer your questions," said Espy to reporters Wednesday. "I’m not avoiding any questions. I’m here. So, fire away.”

That, in contrast to Cindy Hyde-Smith’s refusal to answer questions Monday. Her campaign is working on her behalf while Congress is back in session this week.

“It is easier when she’s here, but we are still able to get out her message," said Hyde-Smith campaign communications director Melissa Scallan. "We use social media. We send out press releases. So, we’re able to get out that message that she’s working to promote Mississippi’s conservative values in D.C.”

Wednesday’s issue was healthcare. Both candidates said leading up to the general election that they support coverage of pre-existing conditions.

“She has been on record from the beginning as saying any sort of health care plan needs to include a provision for pre-existing conditions," said Scallan. "Everybody has a pre-existing condition.”

Espy has questioned Hyde-Smith’s no vote on a provision Democrats proposed last month. Her D.C. office says that provision wouldn’t truly change rules on pre-existing conditions. Now, she’s co-sponsoring a bill for insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

“That was just today," said Espy. "So, already you know that what she said two weeks ago or three weeks ago was not true. Because she joined only today as a co-sponsor on that bill.”

Espy also questioning the substance of that bill.

“It says that you might cover someone with pre-existing conditions as a person but you may not cover the condition that they’re suffering from," Espy explained. "It’s a bogus bill. It’s a sham bill.”

A presidential visit is still expected ahead of the November 27 runoff.

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