Candidate sound off: Mike Espy

Candidate sound off: Mike Espy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In lieu of a Senate debate, we wanted to give you the ability to hear Senate candidates answer the same three questions ahead of election day. Friday, Mike Espy gave us his responses.

Q: What do you think should be done at the federal level to improve healthcare and health outcomes in Mississippi?

A: “With regard to prescription drugs, work we need to do is volume purchasing. Because if we purchased more in a larger group, we have more power to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower costs. Number two, when it really comes to this matter of rural hospitals closing, we no the reason for that. Because our state did not except the Medicaid expansion money when it was offered us some years ago. Then pre-existing conditions, that’s also easy. There was a bill on the floor some weeks ago that would deny the insurance companies the right to deny you coverage based on pre-existing conditions in that field by one vote. So, the solution is to put Mike Espy in the Senate. Because I would’ve voted for that.”

Q: How would you propose to improve job opportunities and the job outlook for Mississippians?

A: “We have to build our job skills. We have to make sure that when the students come out of college that they have jobs waiting for them in relation to their course of study. And the bottom line is education. We need more of our students staying in school and not dropping out. We need more of them graduating and we need more of them graduating with technical skills because those are the jobs of the future.”

Q: What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

A: “I’m the most experienced. I’m the best prepared. And I will give the best signal to the world that Mississippi is moving forward. I have been a member of Congress. I did serve there for three terms, that’s six years. I was elected my 4th term with expanding voters. I’ve been there before. I’m the one that’s best prepared. Now, I’ll give the best signal to the world and the United States that Mississippi’s on the move.”

To view his full interview, watch the video below.

Candidate Sound Off: Mike Espy

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