Fox 40 Special Report: Digital Discounts Part II

VIDEO: Fox 40 Special Report: Digital Discounts Part II

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - We recently introduced you to a local couponing queen who shared a few tips on how to get the most bang for your buck by using coupons and codes.

We’re back with more tips showing you how planning and preparation can really add up.

People loved the Amazon deals, but many wanted to know how to purchase everyday items for less.

We went back to our couponing queen to get some first hand How To advice.

When we first spoke with Anitra Bender, we barely grazed the surface of how couponing can change your life.

Her Facebook group Amazoning with Anitra grew by more than 2,000 in the week since our first story aired, with nearly 900 more hoping to join the page.

And why?

Because the deals are unbeatable.

This week though, Anitra went back to her roots and posted this couponing haul that cost her less than 20 bucks.

So, how’d she do it?

In this case, Anitra had coupons for aluminum foil, Tide, dishwashing detergent and fabric softener.

“You have to have one coupon per item,” explained Anitra. “So if you have 50 coupons, you can get 50 items -- per one coupon.”

Each of her items was on sale.

The aluminum foil was a dollar off, so she paid $1.09 per roll.

The Tide was $3.65 each, but with the $3 off coupon, she only paid 65 cents per package.

The Downy was $2.55, but with a $2 off coupon, she only paid 55 cents for each.

The Dawn was only 50 cents after a 50 cent coupon.

Gain was only 53 cents after 50 cents off.

“So I take my whole bag in the store,” said Anitra. “And they say ‘oh here she comes’. Phone ringing and everyone is like ‘oh she’s about to clear the shelf’! And sometimes I do!”

Look at her savings…

The aluminum foil cost about $10.45… but Anitra only paid 5.45

The Tide was the biggest savings… It cost $18.25… but Anitra spent only 3.25

Downy was $12.75, but thanks to her coupons, she only spent 2.75

In all, Anitra’s haul that would’ve cost her $52.40, but ended up being $16.60 before taxes.

So, where do you find the coupons?

First... ask around.

“A lot of times, your neighbors won’t use theirs and if your whole street doesn’t use them, they’ll just give them to you,” said Anitra. “Or you can sort them and order them from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even locally.”

Then you find find the sales.

Don't necessarily hit the big box stores. Local stores can sometimes be hidden gems.

Anitra bought all of this stuff at a local Mac’s grocery store and remember, once you find the deals, timing is everything.

“Early in the morning, late at night,” explained Anitra. “Because the store is empty, the cashiers are ready to get off work and they’ll let you use as many as you would like.”

By waiting for sales, using your coupons and purchasing several items, you’ll save money in the long run.

Just make sure your coupons don't expire before you can use them.

Don’t forget to check coffee houses, waiting rooms, and grocery stories for old newspapers that may contain valuable coupons.

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