Candidate sound-off: Tobey Bartee

Candidate sound-off: Tobey Bartee

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - With debates scheduled but cancelled, we wanted to get you up to speed on the Senate candidates ahead of next Tuesday’s election. Each day leading up to the election, we’ll be asking the same three questions of every Senate candidate.

Democrat Tobey Bartee is first up. He’s running in the Senate special election against Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mike Espy, and Chris McDaniel.

Q: What do you think should be done at the federal level to improve healthcare and health outcomes in Mississippi?

A: I think at a federal level, we have to work to improve the ACA as it’s currently written. I think it’s a great first step but there is room for improvement. But there is some things we have to keep in place, specifically pre-existing conditions and also being able to allow children to stay on their parent’s insurance.">

Q: How would you propose to improve job opportunities and the job outlook for Mississippians?

A: We have to focus on improving healthcare. WE have to focus on improving the workforce via education and we have to focus on infrastructure. And one issue that cuts across all three of those is poverty. If we do not do what we need to do as a state either at the federal level or state level to address those four areas, we will not in the long term be able to bring jobs here. And we have seen as a consequence of not doing that in the past, that’s where we are in Mississippi.

Q: What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

A: The skill set that I’ve developed over the past 20 years working intelligence, national security, looking at education policy, and then learning from the things they’ve done in Tennessee by way of education policy. I think all of those things have created an individual that looks at two ways to address our long term challenges. One, you have to have command of policy and command of process. Anything I look at, any policy I pursue, or any vote that I cast, only two things will factor into my decision making process. 1. Does it affect the needs and concerns of my fellow Mississippians? And 2. Is it in the best interest of this country? If it fails on either of those two accounts, it will not get my support.

To view Tobey Bartee’s full responses to the questions, watch the video below.

Candidate Sound Off: Tobey Bartee

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