Two metro area bridges could be hazardous to some drivers

Updated: Oct. 26, 2018 at 9:07 PM CDT
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Two bridges in the Metro are giving drivers and residents concerns.

Driving down Suncrest Drive in south Jackson, you’ll go through a bump in the road here and there, but crossing one of the bridges could cause serious damage to your car.

“We have a great big crater over a bridge, also the bridge railings are down,” said resident Anthony Adams. “You can go further down the street and there’s no railings on the bridge for that one. So it’s a serious safety concern for myself as well as the citizens of Jackson.”

Adams is also worried that drivers might not see the hole in the road or swerve to avoid it and cause an accident. He says he is aware that no one is really to blame other than the city needing money to address the issues.

“It’s not an administration issue. It’s fact that there hasn’t been enough revenue in order to fix those. Having said that these are the types of problems I believe we need to hone in on as soon as possible. Because they’re going to lead to loss of life, loss of property somewhere down the line.”

According to Public Works Director Bob Miller, the city has been out to the Suncrest bridge several times. Workers have put out signs and cones for traffic and safety.

Miller says that apparently someone has stolen the cones. Within 15 minutes of being on the bridge, a city worker drove up and started putting another line of cones up.

Repairs to this bridge will start next week.

On the corner of Silas Brown and South Jefferson Street is another bridge issue. The railing appears to be damaged and doesn’t look capable of preventing a car from driving the embankment into the Pearl River.

Miller is currently looking into what the city plans to do about the bridge.

Then there’s a pothole that drivers have to avoid by almost going into the other lane of oncoming traffic.

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