CONSIDER THIS: Forest Hill Band Sanctions

VIDEO: Consider This: Forest Hill Band Sanctions

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Public School representatives petitioned the Mississippi High School Activities Association to drop the suspension of the Forest Hill Band, so the group could perform on the field at home games. The MHSAA did not change its decision on the ruling, but the oversight group should have reconsidered the decision and dropped the sanctions against the band.

Fortunately, the band can continue to play in the stands, march in parades and the concert band can compete in the state competition. That is especially important for the band members who are in their senior year. And if those performances are okay, I don’t understand why the band can’t perform on the field.

Allowing the band to perform does not prevent this from becoming a learning opportunity – or teachable moment – that our actions have consequences. That can be accomplished without keeping the band off the field. Ultimately, the band members were doing what the band director asked them to do.

Since there most likely won’t be a reversal of the sanctions, something positive that can come from this is to bring a higher level or awareness and engagement for school leaders in all districts. It is very important that performances by any school group are reviewed and approved. If portions of a performance could be considered inappropriate or offensive, leaders should make sure the performance doesn’t happen.

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