Mississippi school and district grades approved for 2018

VIDEO: Mississippi school and district grades approved for 2018

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -Every year, schools and districts in Mississippi are assigned letter grades. The grades are determined based on things like test scores and graduation rates.

A-F grades are designed to make it easy for schools, districts and the parents to figure out how well thing are or aren’t going in your child’s school, but before now you could only view those grades on an excel spreadsheet.

“We want to ensure that we have a system in place that is reflective of the academic gains that are happening in the classroom and with our A-F system, it is parent friendly so that parents can easily associate how the schools are performing with what’s going on in the classroom,” explained Chief Accountability Officer Paula Vanderford.

The newly launched and easier to navigate website lets you click around and dig into more details with each click. For example, you can see how well your child’s school doing in math compared to the rest of the state.

“We do want parent friendly reports, report cards and data so that it’s easy to understand,” added Vanderford.

A look at the snapshot of all the grades shows more A districts this year, but the number of F-rated districts jumped from 9 to 21. That’s because last year’s grades were inflated to account for changing standardized tests, but there’s still push back to the current rating system.

A task force is currently charged with examining the rating system.

A change to federal law makes it necessary to assign grades to all schools and districts, but four schools that deal with special populations and one district have not been receiving grades in recent years. Their grades are being withheld for now.

“We won’t vote on the official scores until November 8 when we understand the implications for these particular schools,” said Dr. Jason Dean, Board of Education Chair.

For a better understanding of how the accountability grades are calculated, click here.

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