Mississippi Red Cross staffs hurricane-ravaged areas

VIDEO: Mississippi Red Cross staffs hurricane-ravaged areas

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A Red Cross official from Mississippi rode out Hurricane Michael in Georgia.

John Brown is Executive Director of the North Mississippi Chapter. He rode out the storm in Albany, Georgia. Brown says the winds were comparable to Hurricane Katrina, and lasted for hours. On Thursday, he was traveling to different cities and assessing the needs.

He describes how it looks now in some of the Georgia towns.

“Lots of trees down, there’s no power anywhere. Gas is limited. They had a lot of tree damage, and a lot of house and business damage here,” He says. “It’s just a bunch of assessment. Trying to see who needs shelters, where shelters were because people in some towns will open up shelters, seeing where we need to put the most pressure on.”

Brown says he will continue working in hurricane ravaged areas into next week.

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