Consider This: Forest Hill Performance

Consider This: Forest Hill band halftime show

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The halftime performance of the Forest Hill band in Brookhaven was not only inconsiderate and insensitive, it is one of the most out-of-touch moments I can recall. Not only was it inappropriate for the Brookhaven game, it is inappropriate at any time.

It is astonishing that this could have been approved and performed anywhere.

In an online post, Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox is calling for the termination of anyone with knowledge of this.

He says, “I am asking that all Forest Hill High School and Jackson Public School System staff, faculty, and administrators with prior knowledge and approval of this halftime routine be held accountable and terminated from employment, this routine be removed from the Forest Hill Band program, and that future Forest Hill Band routines be monitored and approved at the state level prior to each performance.”

Errick Greene, the new superintendent of Jackson Public Schools said, “We are continuing to gather and process information regarding the Forest Hill High School Band performance… We remain committed to a full and expeditious investigation and taking appropriate action.”

It’s important that everyone is taking this seriously, because what happened is unacceptable. There should be consequences for whoever was involved in the shocking decision to approve and support this performance

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